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A place for all-Encompassing Education for Holistic Development…

Mayura School is an English medium ICSE school that was established in July 1982 by Mr. Dushyant Singh and Mrs. Usha Singh. It started as a pre-school with only five students and one teacher under a Star Fruit tree. Over the years, the school has expanded its offerings from classes up to standard V in 1995 to include more classes, and today it caters to students from KG Jr. to Secondary levels. Mayura School places a strong emphasis on holistic development and maintains a balance between the mind (Rational Self) and the heart (Perception), fostering good values and a balanced approach to life. The school is divided into four houses - Avantika, Eklavya, Samanvaya, and Kavisha - and offers a range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies to cater to the interests and passions of its students.

The school's dedication to academic excellence is evident in the consistently high results of its students in the ICSE board exams. The school has produced excellent results in science and commerce for five consecutive years, and last year, two of its students topped the Jaipur region, proving the school's commitment to quality education.

Incorporating technology into its teaching methods, the school has embraced smart panels in classes VIII to X, offering a modern and interactive learning experience to its students. The school's e-magazine- ‘Mayura’s Aura’ is a great platform for students to showcase their creative writing and editorial skills. The street plays put up by the students for social awareness on various socio-topics demonstrate their  skills  in  drama  and  theatre, and  the language building program –‘LEXICON’ through a digital platform is a great initiative to enhance the learning of young minds.

Mayura School has a strong focus on sports, offering a range of options such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess, carom, etc. The annual sports meet is a much-awaited event where students can showcase their skills and talents. The facilities for fine arts, computer labs, music, and various competitions further enrich the student's learning experience.

The primary section of the school offers a comprehensive educational experience that seamlessly integrates learning and fun. The day commences with a calming prayer and invigorating yoga session, setting the tone for a day filled with enrichment activities.  The  teachers  are  highly  qualified  and  deeply  committed  to  the  children's  growth, providing exceptional care and affection. Pre-primary educators are experts in promoting holistic development through play-based learning and child-centred pedagogies that inspire exploration and discovery. They customize their teaching approach to each child's learning style and pace, creating supportive and engaging learning environments. The staff closely monitors the children's food habits and hygiene to ensure their optimal health and development. The school's unwavering dedication to providing a nurturing and stimulating educational environment is palpable, making it an ideal place for primary students to thrive.

Overall, Mayura School is an exemplary institution providing its students with an all-encompassing education. The school's exceptional facilities, with its dedicated faculty and staff, make it one of the top schools in the province.

Academic block

Our  Motto...............

Humaneness, Humility, Harmony

Be Humane

by having or showing compassion or benevolence.

Have Humility

by having a humble or modest opinion of one’s own importance.

Embody Harmony

the state of being in agreement or concord.  


Vatsyayana Sharma

Director, Principal


Former faculty member of Mayo College, Ajmer, served for 23 years. dedicated 31 years of  life to inspiring and empowering generations of students.

Two decades ago, there was a call for revolution in education, and it seems that the time has finally come. In today's rapidly changing world, information becomes outdated at an unprecedented pace, making it imperative for students to constantly reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant. The education system of the present recognizes this fact and is working towards equipping students with a strong foundation that will enable them to adapt to the future.


However, the responsibility of maintaining a desire to learn lies not only with the students themselves but with all parts of society. Schools play an important role in fostering this desire, but it is up to the broader community to provide opportunities for learning and growth beyond the classroom. Together, we can ensure that the next generation is equipped to face the challenges of the future and drive progress in our society.


The School is a non-governmental school in Jaipur, India affiliated to CISCE Board, New Delhi. ​

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Naila House, Moti Doongri Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004, India


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