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New Admission

The office can be contacted at any working day
between 9a.m. to 12p.m.

Minimum Age Requirement

KG (Jr) - 3 Years
Thereafter 1 Year for each class

Enrollment Process

Contact School office for details


Admissions: Admissions


Jr KG to Prep*

                     Maintenance Fees (Annual Amount)      6500.00

                    Tuition Fees (Annual Amount)              58,500.00

                    Total Fees  (Annual Amount)             65,000.00**

* To know about special discounts (2024-25) contact the office.


I to V

                   Maintenance Fees (Annual Amount)         7,150.00

                   Tuition Fees (Annual Amount)              64,350.00

                   Total Fees  (Annual Amount)             71,500.00**

VI to X

                  Maintenance Fees (Annual Amount)         7,800.00

                  Tuition Fees (Annual Amount)               70,200.00

                 Total Fees  (Annual Amount)               78,000.00**

** As per SLFC decision dated 10.12.2022

In addition to above school fees, charges levied by CISCE board will be applicable as per circular order/decisions given by the CISCE board. The amount will be remitted / disbursed as per directives of the CISCE board.

Admission Fee 2024-25



- Admission form Fee+ Registration fee (500+3500) : Rs. 4000/- Onetime Payment, Non refundable.

- Admission Fee :  Rs. 5000/- Onetime Payment, Non refundable

- Caution Money : Rs. 5000/- Onetime Payment Refundable at time of issuance of TC after deduction of any dues.

Fees Payment Schedule :

• Period - 1’st Term   : 1'st Apr to 31st July  –   Due by   10 Apr 

• Period - 2nd Term  : 1'st Aug to 30 Nov    –   Due by  10 Aug

• Period - 3rd  Term  : 1'st Dec to 31 Mar    –   Due by  10 Dec 

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